Head of Harborview Burn Unit Loses License Over Fake Testimony

For many years now, the Washington Toxics Coalition has been working to ban fire retardants in children’s clothing and our furniture. Numerous studies have shown that fire retardant not only does not effectively protect people from burns, it has leached into Puget Sound and is showing up in a huge number of places we would never have anticipated it to be found.  The evidence was so compelling that our local State House Representative, Kevin Van De Wege, himself an ex-fire fighter, changed his mind and some years ago, joined up to be one of the leading legislators attempting to pass a ban on it’s use. Who has stood in the way of this progress? None other than the medical head of Harborview Hospital’s Burn Unit, Dr. David Heimback. His stark testimony won over many lawmakers. Now,we find out that his anecdotal stories were fabricated, and that he was being paid by the flame-retardant industry, though he claimed to be independent. This week, he resigned his medical license and is leaving in disgrace.

Our thanks to the Chicago Tribune for uncovering the truth in this story, and now we can hope that we can see real progress in banning these cancer causing chemicals from our homes and environment.

Read the whole sordid story here:


Now back to Olympia in the winter to get this bill passed once and for all.

Read about the efforts to ban flame retardant here. http://watoxics.org/

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