Gregoire to head the EPA?

Various news sources are reporting that Christine Gregoire is going to be named head of the EPA after she leaves office. The good news in this is that Gregoire has been a strong advocate for the environment here in Washington State. She also will bring the inevitable funding for State needs that an EPA head is able to direct. Her ability to relate to the projects that are requesting funds is a natural fit. A good win for Ecotopia, ah…I mean the Pacific Northwest (G). Will help backfill the loss of Norm Dicks seniority in doling out funds for our projects. While we have had our criticisms of the Governor, as all politicians deal in tradeoffs and as such will never satisfy everyone (which is why  blogs and the Press are important to remain politically neutral in order to offer constructive criticism), the overall positive side of this equation far outweighs the negatives. Ironically, one of the last acts Gregoire did as Governor, in her proposed budget for 2013-15, was to ask to slash headcount to the Department of Ecology, and cut back on grants to local watershed planning (read WIRA?), as well as calling for expanded logging.

Governor praises Hood Canal mitigation program–Kitsap Sun

The news article that accompanied Chris Dunagan’s blog post. Of specific interest to some of you are the roundup of stats on Puget Sound and the issues involved in cleanup of it.

Governor Gregoire tours Hood Canal project, among others

To show progress in Puget Sound recovery, Governor Chris Gregoire today is on her “fishable, swimmable, diggable” tour with Leadership Council chair Martha Kongsgaard, past chair Bill Ruckelshaus and new Partnership director Tony Wright. They’ll be highlighting recovery progress by visiting Hood Canal, Samish Bay and Burien.

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