Partnership announced to protect Chimacum Ridge.

Just in from Caroline Robertson..Saving Chimacum Ridge from overlogging is a good idea. There has been a lot of cutting up there over the years, and this will allow more selective cutting to better protect the drainage below that affects both sides of the Valley.

Hi, I wanted to share this news: A partnership between Jefferson Land Trust, Rayonier, Ecotrust Forest Management, and The Trust for Public Land has successfully completed the first phase of a long-term project to preserve Chimacum Ridge.This provides the land trust a 5-year window to secure funding for this central and defining feature of the Chimacum landscape–850 acres of forested ridgeline that begins just south of the Chimacum crossroads and extends for approximately two and a quarter miles between Center and Beaver Valleys. Now, the Land Trust has up to five years to raise funds, most likely through a combination of grants and community support, and determine the final ownership structure for the property, with a goal of turning the Ridgeinto a publicly-accessible community forest managed for timber production through sustainable harvest techniques that maintains a mature standing forest, providing wildlife habitat, recreational trails, and benefits our water and air quality as well as producing timber.

PDN coverage today: More info:

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