Chunky seabird in the crosshairs of state’s timber-cutting machinery – Crosscut

As I’ve recently said, state Democratic politics has gotten so bad lately, it seems the only way to get through even our Democratically controlled DNR, is to sue. This is a pathetic situation, but one that is absolutely needed.  We can’t have people running as Democrats, coming to the environmental community for funding and promising to run their organization in a better environmental way, and having them act just like their Republican predecessors, that we voted out. That a group of Goldmark supporters has to sue his organization to get them to do the right thing, is really outrageous.

Environmentalists say the marbled murrelet deserves much more protection than the state Department of Natural Resources are willing to give…. In a lawsuit filed March 31, the Seattle Audubon Society, the Olympic Forest Coalition and others are contesting two timber sales on the Olympic Peninsula that they say violate the state’s federal habitat conservation plan. The land is managed by the Department of Natural Resources and includes forests that had been specifically identified for protection and recovery of the endangered bird, according to the lawsuit. Martha Baskin reports. (Crosscut)

UPDATE: Additionally, there is an article detailing the lawsuit and the reasons for doing it in the latest newsletter by the Olympic Forest Coalition newsletter.