Sea-lice outbreak on Icelandic salmon farm a ‘welfare disaster’, footage shows

Drone images of cages shot by activist reveal open sores affecting ‘up to 1m fish’. Fish producers are now culling them for animal feed.

The ongoing nightmare of farmed salmon continues as Iceland now ends up in the same mess as Norway. And here on the Peninsula, the spokespeople for Taylor Shellfish continue to bad mouth anyone fighting against farmed salmon or other fish, as they have for over a decade. In the process they have cowed and bought off by donations many of the very organizations that are supposed to be protecting our shorelines. Just say no to farmed fish, and buy your seafood from someone than Taylor. Leave the hatcheries to the Tribes, who are working to restore the local gutted runs that were partially caused by sea lice as fish passed by net pens. The Tribes work is small scale compared to the globally owned corporate farms.

The Taylor spokespeople always argued in meetings that I attended that we “don’t see sea lice here” yet refused to support independent monitoring. That the salmon might head north along the routes that could bring them into contact with contaminated fish or encountering them in the open ocean, were never anything they agreed might happen.

“The lesions don’t get much worse than this,” said Bergsdóttir. The wounds were worsened by bacteria which make them deeper and bigger, she said. “What has surprised everyone here is how quickly it happened.”