Two Countries, Two Government Officials, Poised to Make One Critical Decision

The Wild Fish Conservancy brings up the impending decisions on net pens that both BC and Washington officials will be making. Given a conversation that I had with Commissioner Franz last year, I hold very little hope of her doing the right thing. She seems either ignorant of the issues, letting staffers make the decisions, or in favor of industry on this topic. But your input now could make a difference. Call her office. 360-902-1000

2 Responses

  1. WA State agencies need name changes:
    Dept. of Natural Resources—Dept. of Resource Extraction
    WA Dept. Fish & Wildlife—WA Dept. of Fish Pens & Cows
    Dept. of Ecology—Dept. of Protection of Industry’s Ass

  2. Fingers and toes crossed and more! Unfortunately, in WA, this only applies to Cooke’s existing sites. What about their future sites as in Port Angeles Harbor? The Jamestown will use it tribal status for this one. There is a CAFO-in-the-sea court case being argued next week. Any win can help with shellfish aquaculture. ds


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