Fixing septic systems is key to protecting Puget Sound shellfish -Crosscut

What happens when septic systems fail. Photo by Wa State Dept of Ecology

Since we are a county with a lot of septic systems, this might be of some interest to some of you. More work needs to be done, especially on homes along shorelines.

Keeping shellfish safe to eat will get harder without increasing repair and inspection of septic systems that can contaminate shellfish beds.

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  1. Hannah, Thanks for the informative look at septic systems and their effects. It has been awhile since that subject received deserved attention in the press. One issue I thought would be worth more coverage is the effects of septic in the high population centers of King and Pierce County. People think that all sewage in KC is treated by adequate sewage treatment systems; however, there are a lot of septic south of Seattle along the Sound AND inadequate sewage treatment facilities that often overflow raw sewage in high rains or are less than adequate secondary level treatment when available tertiary systems would protect the Sound from all kinds of pollution.
    Pat Pressentin.

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