The future is arriving, and it’s not cheap

This New York Times article documents the increasingly difficult position coastal communities are being put in as man-made climate change heats the planet and raises the oceans. One can continue to pretend that it’s not happening, that it’s all a hoax, but it’s very real to these people in North Carolina.

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  1. Great story, Al. Port of PT Deputy Directory, Eric Toews echoed the same. Nobody is going to come to help us. We are on our own. That has not sunk in in Port Townsend even though we mouth it.


    • Thanks for the comment George. Yes, it is going to be a painful lesson. Maybe if Derek, Maria and Patty stopped spending 1/2 of our federal budget on the military, we could invest in more useful work programs for our taxpayers rather than people who can’t defend us from foreign hacking or social media hacking. We continue to build a “Maginot” line of defense while the real enemy is simply going around it via the internet. Dumb and dumber.

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