To help save orcas, pause whale watching – Opinion at Crosscut

Donna Sandstrom and Tim Ragen give their take on a proposal to possibly protect Orca from excessive noise and harassment. This is a highly contested idea by the whale watching industry and this represents one sides point of view. Read it, do some research and make up your own mind. You can have a say online at the Zoom link noted below.

Suspending commercial whale-watching boats can help southern resident killer whales avoid extinction. Opinion by Donna Sandstrom and Tim Ragen (Crosscut) And, if you like to watch:Sentinels of Silence? Whale Watching, Noise, and the Orca   Ecosong (10/22/20) And, to have a say: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Public Hearing on Commercial Whale Watching, Dec. 4, 11:15 a.m. via Zoom

To help save orcas, pause whale watching

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  1. Here in Budd Inlet, in Olympia, WA., the City of Olympia Planning Dept. is going forward with permits to allow 487 apts. to be built on the salt water, 30 feet away. It is said that the “Shoreline Master Plan” supports this work. Many of us think that the storm water from the heavy traffic on West Bay Dr. NW, will hurt the salmon going from Budd Inlet to the Deshutes River. The Orca eat salmon. This is also going to effect Orca whales, correct? We were told the “FEDS, the EPA Clean Water Act” allows dumping this stormwater into Budd Inlet (going through filters).

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