The long nightmare is over

For four years we have watched as an incompetent, angry man has wreaked havoc with politics in this country. Beyond bringing out the worse in many Americans, who continued to vote for him in record numbers, he has also caused the most environmental harm to them, his voters.

This blog reports on the environment, and Trump has decimated his voters over and over again by his lack of understanding, sympathy and ability to do things to help them as they struggle with an ever warming planet.

As I have reported here in the past, analysis of the 2016 election by the New York Times, and my comparison of where the California, Oregon and Washington wildfires were the worse, showed clearly that Trump dominated counties in the three states were the hardest hit by wildfires.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the south coast of the U.S. along with our
“protectorate” of Puerto Rico, has been devastated by a series of hurricanes. Trump’s incompetent administration has done almost nothing to help the people of those places after the fact, with minimal engagement and FEMA support. His angry diatribes against the leaders of Puerto Rico have done nothing but angered the voters there.

I and many others that care about the environment are gratified that we again have a leader that will lead by science and by example.

Closer to home, here in Jefferson County, a long time environmental leader was defeated in her bid to become a Jefferson County Commissioner. Lorna Smith conceded defeat to Heidi Eisenhower, a community activist with Non-profit or Non Governmental Organizational (NGO) roots. While we know that Ms. Eisenhower has stated a commitment to the environment, we will watch and see if she has the political will and ability to deliver. The lack of an ability of the Jefferson County Commissioners to reign in Joe D’Amico’s plans for an outdoor firing range and paramilitary training facility, passing the buck to the County Planning Commission (of which Lorna was a member), was one reason that this blog supported Ms. Smith’s campaign. To remind readers, the Planning Commission got the job done. We support politicians who can deliver on promises.

In additional good news, all our Democratic candidates on the Peninsula won re-election, along with the head of DNR and the Governor as well. This bodes well for positive steps being taken and Federal funding to help achieve our goals.

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