Group asks for injunction regarding Growler flights – Skagit Valley Herald

Again, the Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve and the State of Washington go to court to try and stop the increasingly annoying and likely health adverse Navy practice flights on Coupeville. Our federal representatives, like Derek Kilmer have been ineffective at slowing the growth of this nuisance.  Let’s hope the courts see fit to reign this in. The surrounding communities both on Whidbey Island, Jefferson County and the San Juans would like to see this moved elsewhere. According to the COER there has been a fourfold increase in flights in the area. Thanks goes to AG Bob Ferguson for taking a stand on this and seeing what the courts say.

The Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve (COER) is asking a federal judge to require the Navy to roll back the number of EA-18G Growler practice flights at Outlying Field Coupeville to pre-2019 levels until a lawsuit over the number of Growler flights is settled.

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