For first time in 20 years, feds take deep look at hydroelectric dam removal on Lower Snake River -Seattle Times

Today is the day that the Feds are going to be releasing the first serious draft EIS of dam operations on the Snake in 20 years. It’s amazing that we are seeing a small bit of traction in looking into the possibility of removing dam removal on the Snake. As the article points out, the BPA has struggled to be financially viable as solar and other sources of energy has surged. One analysis I saw from supporters of the dam removal (technically breaching the dam), said that the BPA loses money with every kilowatt is sells. Given the urgency of getting more salmon to our dwindling orcas, breaching the dams would be the fastest way to get the most salmon to the ocean.

As the article also points out, since the last time the Feds looked at this issue, in 2000, more than a dozen runs have remained near or at extinction levels. There is little time left to do something that can change this scenario.

The Governor of Oregon has taken a stand on supporting the breaching of the dams, and has urged Governor Inslee to do the same. There is a strong alliance of businesses that oppose it. I might remind readers that the same thing happened with the Elwha dam removal. However, with so much industry relying on the dams, the likelihood of a quick solution to this is pretty slim.

Thanks to the Seattle Times for reporting on this.


Seattle Times Story on Dam Removal