Time out for the holidays


Enjoy your friends and families while you have them. They aren’t there forever. See you after New Years. Thanks to all for following this blog for so long and to those who have donated. All of your support makes it all worthwhile. I leave you with all the best wishes. Go and recharge. The battles next year will be even more difficult.

Al the editor

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  1. Thank you Al for your dedication to the cause of getting solid information out to the public on critical environmental issues facing the Oly. Pen.  Enjoy your holiday period.  I hope you take a little time for a hike out in the natural environment you advocate for so well.  mike doherty   

  2. Thank you. Al for your astute observations about all life in and around the Salish Sea. Time and again we are reminded that we are all linked by the bountiful waters and our responsibility to protect all species. Have a refreshing time off!

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