Oil spill in Fidalgo Bay appears contained, Ecology says – Seattle Times

Here we go again. We apparently got lucky this time. A “small” spill. Though to be clear, there is no such thing. Why? Because, as written in “Conserve Energy Future” is

What is common in all of them is that the damage caused by them is permanent and takes a long time to clean up.

Friday at the Shell Puget Sound Refinery in Anacortes.

According to Shell and the Washington Department of Ecology: The spill occurred at about 11:30 p.m. as a Crowley Maritime barge was transferring about 5 million gallons of crude oil from Alaska to the refinery. It appears that a much smaller quantity spilled, though the amount was still unknown, said Ty Keltner, Ecology’s communications manager for spill response.



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  1. I was a deckhand on the Crowley Maritime tug that brought the United Transportation Barge to the Texaco refinery dock in April 1971 to load diesel/gasoline for distribution Seattle/Tacoma. The tanker man, at night, offloaded 230,000 gallons of fuel not into the barge, but into Guemes Channel. I was woken up and we went into the channel to turn donuts to disperse the oil, as if no one would notice in the morning. Mercifully gasoline and diesel though difficult to mop up, is far less destructive than heavy fuel oil. Joel

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