Yakama, Lummi tribal leaders call for removal of three lower Columbia River dams | The Seattle Times

If the governor thought he had problems with the issue of removing the Snake river dams, now an even bigger problem looms.We conveniently forget that the people that were living here 70 or so years ago decided to destroy the most productive salmon fishing spot in all of North America. But the people whose mothers and fathers fished that spot have not forgotten.

There is a very important quote in this article,read it and let it sink in.This is the cost we were not even asked to choose from when the dams were built.

Jay Julius, chairman of the Lummi Nation, and JoDe Goudy, chairman of the Yakama Nation, gathered — on Indigenous Peoples Day — at Celilo Village, all that is left of the fishing and cultural center at Celilo Falls, the most productive salmon fishery in the world for some 11,000 years. The falls were drowned beneath the reservoir of The Dalles Dam in 1957 .(emphasis mine)

While calls for removal of the four dams on the Lower Snake River have been heard for decades, the demand to knock out some of the region’s larger main-stem dams…
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