Revealed: Google made large contributions to climate change deniers | Environment | The Guardian

It is clear, that it is time to put significant pressure on Google to end this backing of radical rightwing anti-science think tanks. Please use Duck Duck Go, Bing or any of the other search engines out there. Deny Google it’s revenues that it is making from you. Switch away from Chrome, uninstall it from your machines, and use any of a dozen good browsers out there. I recommend Firefox, though there are times when it has a few minor incompatibilities. Microsoft’s new Edge browser is now pretty mature, and there are many others.

Additionally, switch out of Google Docs and use any of a variety of good third party freeware for your word processing and spreadsheet needs.

Move to either OneDrive from Microsoft or Dropbox. I use both and find One Drive to be extremely useful especially on Windows computers.

Please, Google is out of control and needs reigning in by the people who fuel it’s money machine.

Firm’s public calls for climate action contrast with backing for conservative thinktanks
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