Rain report from mid county

Our buddy Al Latham reports:

Greetings from http://www.cocorahs.org station wa-jf-1 located 5.1 miles south of beautiful downtown Chimacum (slightly off Center…)

As you may have noticed we got some rain in September – actually more than i”ve recorded since starting to keep records in 1981.

Precipitation/Rainfall total for Sept was 4.76″, with the average being 1.4″.

Looking back at the records we had 4.4″ in 2013,  3.1″ in 1997 and 3.8″ in 1983 – those are all the years with more than 3″ in Sept.

Sept 30 is the last day of the water year and we had a total of 31.97″ from 10/1/2018 to 9/30/2019, with the average being 34.9″

You may remember from previous reports that we were way behind average water year totals last month but almost caught up in Sept.

So the new water year starts Oct. 1 – HAPPY NEW WATER YEAR!!

    The NOAA Climate Prediction Center’s prognostications for October are warmer than “normal” and wetter than “normal”.

    For Oct-Dec they are guessing it will be warmer than “normal” with 33.3% chance of wetter, 33.3% chance drier, and 33.3% chance of “normal” precipitation.

As usual, we will see.

Best way to deal with it is to get up in the morning, look outside and say “just the weather I was hoping for”!

  Til next month,  Al Latham

If it really rained cats and dogs, there would be poodles all over the streets.

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