The IPCC Sea-Level-Rise Report: The Oceans Are Breaking – The Atlantic

This is our future if we don’t act now.

And this ecological upheaval of climate change is not limited to the seas. “Many glaciers, particularly in Washington State and the Mountain West, will disappear within the next decade and—at the latest—within a century,” said Regine Hock, an author of the report and a geophysicist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, at a press conference this week. That has implications for water security across huge portions of the American West: Phoenix and Los Angeles both rely, to some extent, on water from mountain glaciers.

Sea-level rise will become unmanageable, and life will flee the world’s tropical oceans, if carbon pollution keeps rising, a new report from the UN climate panel says.
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and from the New York Times

Written by more than 100 international experts and based on more than 7,000 studies, the report is the most extensive look to date at the effects of climate change on oceans, ice sheets, mountain snowpack and permafrost.

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