Rayonier Mill – DOE to hold public comment period

From the Department of Ecology:

This message is about the Port Angeles Rayonier Mill located at 700 N. Ennis Street in Port Angeles.

The Department of Ecology will hold a public comment period from August 29 to October 28, 2019, to provide an opportunity for you to comment on three reports (Volumes I, II, III, see below). You can submit comments online during the comment period.

We will hold an Open House on September 25, 2019, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Olympic Medical Center, Linkletter Hall, 939 Caroline Street in Port Angeles to answer your questions about the reports and the Rayonier Mill cleanup.

The three reports for your review and comment are available at the Rayonier Mill webpage:

  • Upland Data Summary Report (Volume I) describes what the contaminants are and where they are located in soil and groundwater.
  • Marine Data Summary Report (Volume II) describes what the contaminants are and where they are located in sediments.
  • Cleanup Alternatives Evaluation Report (Volume III) describes and evaluates options for cleanup of soil and ground water and marine sediments.


A Fact Sheet briefly summarizes information from the reports and contains information about the public comment period and open house.


These reports are available at the Port Angeles Public Library (360-417-8500) and at the Department of Ecology in Lacey (by appointment, call 360-407-6365).


For questions regarding the cleanup, please contact the Cleanup Site Manager, Marian Abbett or (360) 407-6257.


For questions regarding public involvement, please contact me.


Kind regards,


Nancy Davis, Ph.D.

Community Outreach and Environmental Education Specialist

Washington Department of Ecology | Toxics Cleanup Program | Southwest Regional Office

PO Box 47775, Olympia, WA 98504-7775

Tel. 360.407.0067 | Fax 360.407.6305



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