State looks to replace Fort Worden pier, boat launch – PDN

A very tricky new plan that, when done, would be a good thing. The pier cannot be maintained forever. It has significantly impacted the beach for decades. With sea level rise, it could be compromised much sooner than hoped. Can it be done without significantly impacting the Marine Science Center? We’ll have to wait and see. These are preliminary planning ideas.

The state Parks and Recreation Commission plans to submit a $10.4 million option to address environmental issues at Fort Worden State Park that include the pier, boat launch and the Port Townsend Marine Science Center. The preliminary preferred alternative, which was presented to about 100 people Monday night at Fort Worden, will go to the state Office of Financial Management by June 30 for consideration before the state Legislature in future biennial capital budgets. The plan incorporates a newly designed pedestrian pier, a relocated Marine Science Center on the upland side of Harbor Defense Way plus a new single-lane elevated boat launch. Brian McLean reports. (Peninsula Daily News)

State looks to replace Fort Worden pier, boat launch