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Dr. Eloise Kailin was one of the most influential environmentalists on the Olympic Peninsula back in the 1970s through 1990s. Her impacts were profound . She was primarily responsible for the fact that a nuclear power plant was not built on the Miller Peninsula, just across Discovery Bay from Cape George. We in Port Townsend would have been downwind from it.

She is a far cry from a number of today’s environmentalists who feel that getting along with everyone is the goal, or the organizations that they belong to that refuse to take on activist roles in the face of environmental destruction.

Eloise, Hazel Wolf and Helen Engle, all now gone were the core environmental leaders of the Pacific NW for decades and others that followed them, like Kathy Fletcher, Darlene Schanfald, Amy Carey, Caroline Gibson,  learned from all of them. I knew Hazel Wolf and can say that she and these other women did not suffer fools lightly. Who is left to really carry on their legacy? I see a huge gap not easily filled.  By the way, that the PDN leads with her fluoridation battle is not really leading with her big wins. Like saying Bill Clinton,  the former Governor of Arkansas rather than saying he was President.

I’ll leave you with this quote from  Eloise that also ends the PDN article: “This nasty woman knows how to get things done.”

Retired Dr. Eloise Kailin, a Sequim environmentalist whose activism stretched beyond her most recent fight — a successful battle against fluoridation of Port Angeles drinking water — died Saturday of age-related causes at her Sequim-area home, her son, Harvey Kailin, said Wednesday.

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  1. She was my rock star. I admired her greatly, and I’m so glad I told her.

  2. welp…gonner….RIP

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