Inslee and Ferguson oppose EPA decision that dismantles Washington’s clean water standards

From the Govenor’s Office. People, we are seeing the most radical, cynical attack on the environment, public health  and the core values that we built this country on for over the last fifty years. Under the guise of ‘freeing up business’,  Trump’s administration officials are dismantling legislation that was supported by both  Democrats and Republicans. We need to stand up to them until the next election and vote them out once and for all. This is about the health of the water you drink, the air you breathe, and your children’s future. These laws were originally implemented because industry had created industrial wastelands with horrible air, burning rivers, and an ongoing pollution of our water.No one other than Trump and his administrators, want to go back to that.

Let’s be very clear, the economy is dependent on the environment, not the other way around. Lose your environment and you lose your lives and livelihoods.

Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson released a statement today in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s action on changing Washington’s clean water standards.

“The Environmental Protection Agency just announced they will change the water quality standards that protect human health in the state of Washington. By taking this unilateral action, the EPA will risk almost certain litigation and cause uncertainty for Washington’s businesses.

“EPA is pretending to honor a state process while at the same time throwing our clean water standards into disarray. We are already well on our way to implementing these standards for Washington businesses in a manner that will not be challenged by the many parties that worked so hard to come to agreement.

“The Washington State Department of Ecology has been working with the current standards and Washington businesses for more than two years to implement them in a flexible manner. The years of work that brought forth the current standards, also known as the fish consumption rule, represent a compromise by Washington’s tribes who worked with the state and EPA to help put them in place.

“As noted by Ecology Director Maia Bellon and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, not only does this illegal act represent bad faith around a process that already occurred, but it is being done without notice or consultation with the state or Washington tribes.

“There is no legal basis for EPA to reconsider standards that Washington has been working to implement for more than two years in order to protect Washingtonians. We are 5-0 in lawsuits filed against President Trump’s EPA, and we continue to defeat the EPA in court because it continues to disregard legally required procedures. President Trump’s EPA does not always seem interested in protecting the environment. The attorney general’s legal team will be very carefully reviewing EPA’s proposal and we will consider all options, including bringing a legal action.

“The state will consider all available options to oppose this effort.”

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  1. So, what is the problem? IF the clean water regulations are truly valid and provide a benefit, why shouldn’t the state maintain and enforce them???

  2. Al,

    Do you want to mention Joe D’Amico’s violations on his proposed gun range? It was written up in both the PDN and Leader. Just a thought.


    • Thank you Governor Inslee and AG Ferguson for opposing this outrageous EPA decision.

      Extending our environmental concerns…

      What will the Environmental Governor do on his way to the White House? Will he veto the bill that a hoodwinked legislature let sneak through their scrutiny, a bill that eviscerates environmental redress of development by cutting the citizen out of the SEPA process at the very point oversight is needed? If Governor Inslee neglects to kill this bill, it means that cities can put rules in place that will eventually transform your neighborhood, but you won’t be able to do anything about it, i.e., file an appeal, until someone actually starts building a multi-unit building that dwarfs your house or a row of cookie cutter townhouses on your block. The City will have carte blanche permission to plan to destroy your neighborhood and you can’t legally object, only complain. By delaying your option to intervene, cumulative impacts like parking, traffic, stormwater runoff, sewer capacity, etc. will be invisible until it’s too late.

      Oh, and by the way, Engrossed 2nd Substitute – E2SHB 1923 will do nothing to help create affordable housing. In fact, it will frustrate this process by making tear-downs of existing affordable housing more economically attractive to make way for new housing that is not affordable for people who cannot pay market rate prices or rents. That’s called gentrification.

      Bill E2SHB 1923 is an environmental disaster!

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