Hood Canal Bridge Blocks Salmon

This web site has been reporting for more than a decade about the possibility that the Hood Canal Floating Bridge may be the blocking endangered species such as juvenile chinook and steelhead. Data from a few years back has now been ground truthed with videos that show exactly what is happening underwater.

Should the bridge be replaced? Maybe in the next twenty years, yes. A suspension bridge may be the best option. But in the meantime we need to find a way to solve this problem without that option. Stay tuned.

Survive the Sound: Hood Canal Bridge blocks migrating fish


2 Responses

  1. This video is great! Everyone needs to forward and post! All the best & take care – the election race & arms race are full speed ahead! Peace ☮️ ! – Patricia > >>

  2. Kilmer has received seemingly prestigious “awards” from both the Army and Navy in recent years.

    The Navy more or less “owns” Washington state.

    Do you really think he will go against the military???

    Check his voting record. Has he EVER denied the military anything they asked for?

    What he needs is a good primary opponent.


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