Hood Canal Bridge Blocks Salmon

This web site has been reporting for more than a decade about the possibility that the Hood Canal Floating Bridge may be the blocking endangered species such as juvenile chinook and steelhead. Data from a few years back has now been ground truthed with videos that show exactly what is happening underwater.

Should the bridge be replaced? Maybe in the next twenty years, yes. A suspension bridge may be the best option. But in the meantime we need to find a way to solve this problem without that option. Stay tuned.

Survive the Sound: Hood Canal Bridge blocks migrating fish


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  1. Please share if you care to! Thanks ~ All the best ~ Patricia

    > Subject: FW: Military Training in WA State Parks – More background–Public Info Meeting This Monday 5 PM > > In case you didn’t receive this notice — Janet > >

  2. Hi Patricia,

    Well, as with so many things, different people have different priorities in their lives. Living out near Forks, on “The West End”, I see first hand how our communities are being “dog trained” to accept America as one of the very countries we used to look at, and have pity on. We looked at countries that used every holiday as an opportunity to “showcase” their military equipment, as if that is the only aspect of “life” that counts, with certain distain. That “military” is not the pre-eminent facet of governance, “democracy” is. It is not about subduing and intimidating people into accepting ones’ point of view, or political agendas, but that through intelligent discussion and the sharing of ideas, “governance” best serves a country, communities, and people.

    Yet, now, in our communities, you cannot hold a conversation outside, because the roar of military jets overhead makes it impossible. In-escapable. The air literally trembles with the engine noise. You now know the military is there. “Death from above”, their motto.

    I grew up in Iran in the late 50s, in Germany in the early 60s where the impacts of WW2 were still visible. Piles of rubble from bombed building lined the streets. I lived in generic neighbourhoods, and spoke the local dialects. I heard JFK do the “Ich bin eine Berliner” speech live. English was the third language I learned, at a very early age.

    And, I heard so many times.. “It may be this way, here.. but in America..!”

    Watching what America has become, in my lifetime.. was unimaginable. America held a standard decent caring people around the world strove for. Used to. Now, as we see this week, for myopic personal political “cover”, American elected “leaders” stand up, and question the validity of Americas’ democratic processes, as if we are no less corrupt.. able.. than some third rate dictatorship!!!!


    And, as you bring our attention back to the militarization of American civilian society.. via the defense departments and their corporate contractors, and the increasingly authoritarian civilian police departments.. I think of what Republican President Dwight Eisenhower warned America (and the world) about.

    It is OUR responsibility. Either we pay heed to the informed warnings of those like Eisenhower concerning the militarization of society, or of climate scientists warning us of our consumerist lifestyles, or we ALLOW our communities and countries to become the very things we do not want. Cannot survive.

    Reminds of a great song from a few years back, which said in part:

    Won’t you please come to chicago for the help that we can bring

    Won’t you please come to chicago or else join the other side

    Won’t you please come to chicago show your face From the bottom of the ocean to the mountains of the moon Won’t you please come to chicago no one else can take your place


    Exactly. No one else can take your place.



  3. This video is great! Everyone needs to forward and post! All the best & take care – the election race & arms race are full speed ahead! Peace ☮️ ! – Patricia > >>

  4. Kilmer has received seemingly prestigious “awards” from both the Army and Navy in recent years.

    The Navy more or less “owns” Washington state.

    Do you really think he will go against the military???

    Check his voting record. Has he EVER denied the military anything they asked for?

    What he needs is a good primary opponent.


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