State House passes HEAL Act for environmental justice – KNKX

Another good idea that may still be implemented. It’s clear that the Dems are trying to show what good they can do when in power. Also can’t hurt Inslee’s creds with communities of color and he tries and get himself known outside this state.

A bill that would address environmental justice is still alive in the state Legislature. The so-called Healthy Environment for All, or HEAL, Act passed the House in the nick of time, getting a last-minute bipartisan vote of 88-10 just after 5 p.m. Wednesday, to clear the cutoff deadline. The HEAL Act aims to improve health disparities in Washington through targeted investments in areas suffering worst from pollution. It would direct eight key state agencies to target their work using an environmental health disparities map that launched in January. It also would create a task force to oversee the implementation. Bellamy Pailthorp reports. (KNKX)

State House passes HEAL Act for environmental justice, a first for Washington