Legislation to help endangered orcas keeps moving toward approval – Watching Our Waterways

Chris Dunagan on the handful of environmental bills moving through the Olympia sausage making machine.

Members of the governor’s orca task force this week expressed hope and a bit of surprise as they discussed their recommendations to help the orcas —recommendations that were shaped into legislation and now have a fairly good chance of passage. Over the years, some of their ideas have been proposed and discussed — and ultimately killed — by lawmakers, but now the plight of the critically endangered southern resident killer whales has increased the urgency of these environmental measures — including bills dealing with habitat, oil-spill prevention and the orcas themselves. Chris Dunagan reports. (Watching Our Water Ways)

Legislation to help endangered orcas keeps moving toward approval

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  1. Heather, you probably get this already. If you click on the Read more of this post section, there is a comment box. I’’m wondering if it’s time for comments about the hands of government not working together. Here they are trying to protect the orcas, which means protecting the salmon, while permitting a geoduck industrial site in the salmon spawning route. I don’t have the words, as you do, but I thought maybe you ‘d want to comment. —Lorrie


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