Whale watching industry defends viewing endangered southern resident orcas – KCPQ

Well, as usual, we’d rather not mess with industry, even if it means possibly losing the Orca. Will the last whale watch boat please turn out the lights when you exit?

It was billed as a “bold action” the state could take that would have an immediate impact on our struggling southern resident orcas, but it never gained support in the Legislature. This legislative session, Gov. Jay Inslee and his orca task force called for a temporary ban on whale watching activity around the endangered killer whales. Scientists say vessel disturbance is one of three threats facing these whales, along with lack of prey and contaminants in the water. The governor request bill would have required commercial whale watch vessels stay 650 yards away from the southern residents, but as the bill made its way through Olympia, legislators stripped the suspension from the text…. However, the governor’s office revealed this week that not a single legislator in Olympia was on board. Even the bill’s legislative sponsors have told Q13 News the measure lacked support from the start. Simone Del Rosario reports. (KCPQ)

Whale watching industry defends viewing endangered southern resident orcas 

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  1. VERY SAD! Even a half mile is too close and noisy – sounds carry very good in water and whales have have good hearing.

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