Trump administration rolls back protections on wetlands. Legal battle will ensue

The battle over the Clean Water Act has shifted into high gear. The EPA  has decided to rollback Obama era protections to wetlands. The definition of wetlands and their importance to underground aquifers has been established by science. That science has allowed the expansion of how pollution migrates to “navigable waterways” as defined by the CWA. That the ex-head of the EPA Scott Pruitt as well as the current (ex coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler has chosen on numerous occasions to ignore their scientists recommendations, to choose development and industry over protections means that the battle will shift to the states, where progressive states like ours, who have implemented strong Critical Areas Ordinances and Shoreline Master Plans, are capable of holding off the outcomes of this ruling. Likely a Supreme Court battle will ensue over the next few years.

NPRs version of the story here:

NY Times article here:

Washington Post coverage:

National Resource Defense Council view

A right wing analysis of the rollback can be found here:





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  1. Hi Al. Thanks for highlighting this topic.

    We will defeat this. The EPA must follow the law and they are not doing so.

    Let’s not forget that there is a 60 day comment period and this is just a draft rule. First step is to send in citizen comments.

    Then if they finalize we appeal.

    Do you get Puget Soundkeeper emails? Activist Alerts?

    Chris Wilke
    Puget Soundkeeper and Executive Director
    Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
    130 Nickerson Street – Suite 107
    Seattle, WA 98109


  2. Considering Seattle/Snohomish Brightwater aewer treatment plant is pumping a BILLION gallons of sewer treatment effluent into Puget Sound (with blessings of WSDQE), what coould be much worse??

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