Senator Ranker chosen to chair new Senate Environment & Tourism Committee and lead on environmental budget

This will be an important position in the upcoming legislative session.

OLYMPIA – Sen. Kevin Ranker (D-Orcas Island) was selected by his peers in the Senate Democratic Caucus to chair the new Environment & Tourism Committee in the 2019 Legislative Session.

“From our Salish Sea to our orcas to plastic pollution to community health and climate change, our environment and our children’s future has never been at greater risk,” said Ranker. “While the federal administration denies science and institutes reckless policies, Washingtonians want to protect and sustain the incredible quality of life in our communities. I am honored to help lead a powerful environmental agenda in both this new committee as well as our capital and operating budgets to make sure that we don’t just survive the next two years, but put in place incredible environmental policies that protect our environment and our future for generations.”

Recognizing the incredible environmental opportunities before us, the Senate is restructuring environmental oversight by establishing a new committee with general oversight of environmental protection and policies. The committee members will also work to boost our state’s tourism industry. A 2015 study showed that Washington’s outdoor recreation industry generates more than $20 billion annually.

Ranker will also serve as vice-chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee for the environment for both the capital and operating budgets where he will play a leadership role in the development of the critical environmental and natural resources budgets.


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  1. How about breaching the 4 Lower Snake River Dams to feed the starving Southern Residents before they go extinct? This is the fastest method for salmon recovery according to the 2002 EIS . Or will you choose to ignore the science and allow them to go extinct ?

    • I’ve talked to Senator Ranker about this. He’s not against it out of hand, but the people supporting the idea of breaching the dams, and I consider myself a convert to the idea, need to do a lot more work educating the public and politicians about this. It’s not just a slam dunk. It will take signficant, sustained effort. When I met with State Representative Chapman a few weeks back I brought the subject up, and he is still not clear about the ability to get this idea sold to the public. But he is open to education on this.

  2. Tourists do mess up the environment and chase the whales, but boy!, don’t the business’ and government love their money !

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