Navy ends talks to ease Growler jet impacts on Whidbey Island historic district – Seattle Times

So much for working with the Navy. This is what they think about citizen concerns of noise. Representative Kilmer, Representative Rick Larsen, where the heck are you? This is one of those times we need your assistance. I recommend any of you wanting to see the Navy forced back to the table on this should contact Kilmer’s or Larsen’s offices. They are our spokespeople back in D.C. on issues such as this.

The Navy has terminated talks with state and local groups about easing the impacts of expanding EA-18G Growler jet training over a central Whidbey Island historic district. A Navy statement Friday cited a “fundamental difference of opinion” on what should be done to reduce the noise and other adverse effects of the training flights. The breakdown of talks is the latest sign of a bitter divide between the Navy and many residents of the rural central part of the island who fiercely oppose plans to quadruple, in the years ahead, the number of Growler flights over the Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve. State officials also took issue with the Navy. They joined with local groups in declining to sign a proposed  memorandum of agreement. Hal Bernton reports. (Seattle Times)

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