EPA to eliminate office that advises Agency Chief on Science – NY Times

The EPA has abandoned any pretense at using science to instruct their decisions, made by their chief, who is an ex-coal lobbyist. The corruption in this administration will likely never be duplicated. We have not seen anything like this since the early part of the 1900s. You want to change it? Get out and vote.



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  1. It’s about time – the psuedo science EPA used to foist ethanol fuels on us has been and is both an environmental and financial disaster, except for the agri-industrial corn industry. Drivers are paying up to 10% more per mile (due to lower mpg for ethanol), increase in greenhouse gases by as much as 20% per mile and the increase in soil erosion from the thousands of acres of stable prairie that was converted into corn farms, resulting in major flooding of the Mississippi can only be guessed.

    • Jim, your antagonism towards the EPA is totally misplaced. While the EPA has its’ flaws, it has also done a great job of protecting our water, air and our bodies. Yes, the ethanol fuel situation was a misguided effort (done during the Bush administration primarily) to push corn based products into our fuel. I am not willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater over that issue. We have much bigger fish to fry and the EPA is needed to help with that. Unfortunately, by the tim the current neo-Nazi president is done, we will have to reinvent the agency, but perhaps there will be a silver lining in that too.

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