North Pacific seafood exports hit by China’s tariffs -Seattle Times

So this administration run by people who don’t appear to know anything about how to negotiate  has now brought on tariffs on our seafood industry. Are you business people running seafood businesses ready to get the Republicans in Eastern Washington on board with getting Trump to stop this stupid destructive policy?

The North Pacific seafood industry — much of it headquartered in Washington — will get slammed with a wide range of retaliatory tariffs on exports to China, an important and growing market.

The products covered by the tariffs include frozen pollock, cod, pink and sockeye salmon, snow and Dungeness crab and herring, according to, an industry publication that put the dollar value of Alaska exports to China at more than $750 million in 2017.

Some Northwest exports, such as geoducks, also are included in the tariffs announced Friday.

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  1. Wake up, this is a blessing not a curse. A small lessening of exploitation pressure on Cascadian marine life. Screw the industrial scale ocean life destroyers (sea food business men!) and their fucking export derived profits that have caused our fisheries to collapse over the past century.

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