This Canadian First Nations group wants you to buy salmon raised on land -PRI

Good work being done north of us in B.C. But they face stiff challenges. Read why. It might just work here, since we have a much closer market and  have eliminated the Atlantic salmon in the pens in the water.This is exactly what some of us have been pushing the state to help get some trials going.

Cranmer says if he and his Namgis First Nation people had their way, they’d get rid of open-water salmon farms. But they can’t, so they’re trying another idea for rebuilding a salmon economy for their community. They’ve built their own salmon farm — on land.

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  1. Land fish farms are certainly nothing new. There have been cat fish farms in the Southeast states for many years! (Also were many many acres of hemp farms in the SE states for many years, a very stable and viable money crop, until a rich, moneyed newspaper and woodlands owner was able to convince “$$$” politicians to ban hemp farming – it cut into his lucrative pulp tree business.) Likewise with the “ethanol” fuel solution, which is both an environmental and financial fiasco, costing consumers up to 10 % more per mile and adding as much in greenhouse gas pollution, and more, if you add in the green house gases generated in producing ethanol. Don’t you just love politicians!

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