2/13 – Atlantic Salmon Net Pen Bill

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This morning we learned some important news on the future of Atlantic salmon net pen legislation that requires an immediate action alert from anyone today with capacity.
Two Big Developments:
1. Rep. Blake has apparently announced that he will not be bringing Sen Ranker’s bill– SB6086– up for a vote.  There is still a public hearing scheduled at this time but it looks like the Senate bill making it to the House floor is highly unlikely.
2. As of today HB2957 is on the floor calendar for the House.  This is Rep. Lytton’s phase-out bill that was amended during committee and turned back into a study bill.  House Democrats have been caucusing this morning on the issue and we suspect that there will be a vote on this bill on the floor later today or tomorrow.   
The hope is that Rep. Lytton and Rep. Chapman will be able to strike the study bill amendment and call for a vote on the original phase-out bill language.
We’re urging anyone who has capacity to send an action alert today asking constituents to call their House Reps in support of a phase-out.  There will be sample language shared this afternoon but for the sake of time the most important factors are to express urgency that the future of this legislation is at risk and we need calls to Reps in support of a phase-out today.
Audubon and a few others from the coalition are going to be working to put together a phone bank for this afternoon that can be accessed remotely.  If your organization has capacity or interest in supporting this effort please respond to this email.

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  1. Hello,

    Please send me information on how our chapter members can help. I have posted information/links to call their reps, via our Facebook

    Can you send me further instructions, sample emails/call scripts etc ?

    Thank you! Chris Joyce

    For the Oceans,

    Christopher Joyce Michelle Duerre Seattle Chapter Coordinators Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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