Feds postpone offshore drilling meeting

From a friend: (Updated on Monday at 9 AM)

I just got word through WEC (Washington Environmental Council) that the public meeting on offshore oil and gas that was scheduled for tomorrow (Monday) in Tacoma was cancelled Sunday.  No doubt there are hundreds of people who were going to attend meeting and other events will not have heard this news and will drive to Tacoma to find a notice on the door of the courthouse.

There is some question as to why the event was cancelled but a search at 9AM on Monday on Twitter shows that the bureau of Ocean Energy Management,  https://www.boem.gov/National-Program-Participate/    have announced that the “venue was no longer available”. Very odd.

Any suspicion on our parts is totally in line with the ongoing contentious and random nature of the present administration in Washington. Sudden announcements with no advance warning on such monumental issues as opening up vast amounts of coastline to drilling has even alarmed Governors around the country. The current administration seems to make things up on the fly, throw them out at the public and then show a lack of preparedness for events such as this.

WEC has promised to  send out word as soon as they find out when another meeting is scheduled.  Please spread the word to anyone you might know who was planning to attend.

4 Responses

  1. UPDATED on Monday. Still no word on why this was cancelled except an excuse that the ‘venue is no longer available”. Hard to believe, and given that this administration uses lies and miscommunication as an everyday means of distracting the public, I find it hard to believe.

  2. Environmental groups claim the convention center cancelled the event. Also story that Homeland Security got a credable threat. Would be nice to know the truth.

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