Join the hearing for Climate Change Action in Olympia – 1/16 in Olympia

Act on Climate: Governor Inslee is putting forward a comprehensive proposal to put a price on carbon pollution and invest in solutions, and you can show strength for the hearing on this bill set for next week on January 16.  Here’s how you can support climate action this week:

Where: Cherberg Building 304—15th Ave SW (*location for pre-hearing coffee still TBD)

When: Tuesday, January 16, meet us at 8:30am before the hearing for coffee, hearing starts at 10 a.m.

RSVP: RSVP here from Washington Environmental Council

One Response

  1. From what I know of Inslee’s record, and what little I know of this bill, it stinks of political posturing and there is no way I could support it the way it is proposed. IF the lawmakers were REALLY concerned about the environment and “green house gases” they would be immediately working to ban ethanol in gasoline. Do you know of ANYONE that has been able to maintain their car’s mpg with ethanol? My 2005 DTS dropped from 26 to 24 mpg, increasing greenhouse gases, driving cost, and decreasing range. ( good reasons not to use it in planes or boats)

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