‘A fitting tribute’: Olympic Wilderness renamed for longtime outdoors advocate, former Gov. Dan Evans – Seattle Times

Thank you Dan for being one of the last moderate Republicans. And you know what? You got a ton of good stuff done. The fact that everyone, from Dems to the Tribes is celebrating your life with this honor, means that they all respect what you did. That’s pretty impressive. Let’s put a name on that Wilderness area  that should be around as long as folks are here..

With the Olympics resplendent behind him, former Republican Washington Gov. Dan Evans was honored Friday with the renaming of the wilderness here as the Daniel J. Evans Wilderness, a tribute to his years of public service and accomplishments protecting some of the most beloved landscapes in Washington. Three times Washington’s governor and a U.S. senator for Washington, Evans authored the Washington State Wilderness Act protecting 1.5 million areas of wild lands, and he was instrumental in creating North Cascades National Park, the scenic corridor in the Columbia River Gorge, and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. From a podium set outdoors at Hurricane Ridge, Evans told a crowd of more than 200 that when asked how much wilderness is needed, he always had this answer: “More.” Lynda Mapes reports. (Seattle Times)


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