Washington Lawmakers Leave Enviros Feeling Shorted – KUOW/Earthfix

Remember this when politicians come asking for more donations. Delivering environmental support is part of why they are elected.

Washington’s legislative session, the longest in state history, did not deliver the money environmentalists wanted for toxic cleanup, oil transportation safety, or natural resources. Going into the session, the Environmental Priorities Coalition — made up of more than twenty Washington environmental groups — had placed a priority on getting the state to spend more on environmental protection.  Eilís O’Neill and Courtney Flatt report. (KUOW/EarthFix)


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  1. Great! Good to hear! Yes, the Big Oil Loophole was a win.

  2. WEC reports that: “While the legislative session was highly contentious, WEC and our partners had some important environmental wins during legislative session with the closing of the Big Oil loophole, funding for the Clean Air Rule, and Governor Inslee’s veto of a tax cut for the TransAlta coal plant converting to natural gas.”

    So although a big disappointment for many other critical projects, not all was a total bust. With the education package that needed to go through, was there really enough $ for the rest?

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