New EPA documents reveal even deeper proposed cuts to staff and programs – Washington Post

The dismantling of programs that protect our health at a Federal level, along with international cooperation for environmental protection with Mexico are on the chopping block.

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a new, more detailed plan for laying off 25 percent of its employees and scrapping 56 programs including pesticide safety, water runoff control, and environmental cooperation with Mexico and Canada under the North American Free Trade Agreement…. The spending plan, obtained by The Washington Post, offers the most detailed vision to date of how the 31 percent budget cut to the EPA ordered up by President Trump’s Office of Management and Budget would diminish the agency. The March 21 plan calls for even deeper reductions in staffing than earlier drafts. It maintains funding given to states to administer waste treatment and drinking water. But as a result, the budget for the rest of EPA is slashed 43 percent. Juliet Ellperin, Chris Mooney and Steve Mufson report. (Washington Post)

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