Hunters And Anglers Cross Political Lines To Fight For Public Lands – OPB/Earthfix

It takes a lot to get conservative hunting groups to oppose Republican efforts but it appears that the notion of losing public lands to oil and gas exploration along with allowing crazies like those that took over Malheur last year, is gaining traction.

Hunters, fishermen and environmental activists: it’s not often these groups are mentioned in the same breath. But recently they’re finding themselves standing shoulder to shoulder over the issue of public lands.  Despite having an avid hunter in Ryan Zinke leading up the Interior Department, which oversees the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service, there’s a sense that calls to sell off or transfer public lands are gaining traction.  Sportsmen and women consider hunting and fishing in these wild places to be their right – one that earlier generations led by President Theodore Roosevelt fought to secure more than a century ago.  Jes Burns reports. (OPB/EarthFix)

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