Net Pen spills diesel fuel and pollutes much of Broughton Archipelago in B.C.

When are we going to realize that the net pen industry is a complete fraud. We should end the ability for these people to make money off of putting factory farms of fish in the same passageways that the wild fish that we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to save and recover are swimming in. These factory farms have never been properly researched for the long term effects of dumping fish waste and antibiotics into the waterways of our Sound. The ‘research’ that NOAA produced was essentially guided by the industry and the findings were so limited in scope to be laughable. Now they have destroyed an entire ecosystem with their “management practices.” Read it and weep. And demand action to stop this from happening here. Let me be clear, if it does happen here, it will happen at the south end of Bainbridge Island sweeping the oil spill into either Bremerton or out into the area west of Alki Point. Also, there is a new fish farm being put in west of Port Angeles. If a spill happens there, it will affect the entire new mouth of the Elwha River, along with Port Angeles harbor.

Diesel spill at the Burdwood fish farm today has contaminated most of the Broughton Archipelago including many traditional clam beaches, during the ecologically critical herring spawn. Smell of diesel was strong throughout the area, even in the helicopter at 4000 ft altitude. It seems obvious there is much more fuel spilled than the 1500 liters they are reporting (3000 originally). Footage & pictures coordinated by the Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw. For press inquires please contact Bob Chamberlin, Elected Chief, Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis, at 778 988 9282

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