As sewage still spills, no timeline for fix to treatment plant’s Katrina-scale damage – Seattle Times

This is an incredibly bad situation. We are going to be dumping the entire sewage of Seattle into Puget Sound with only screening of primary solids for months.  I chalk this up as a Global Warming event, as the massive rains that  created this event, are consistent with the projections of increasing storm intensity in global warming scenarios.

It’s going to be a long road back to recovery for the crippled West Point wastewater-treatment plant in Seattle. A workhorse of the regional wastewater-treatment system, the plant is estimated to have sustained at least $25 million in damage in a flood Feb. 9 and cannot presently function properly. Recovery of the plant remains in very early stages. Damage had never occurred at the plant at such a scale. It has taken Hurricane Sandy or Katrina-scale damage to produce similar wreckage elsewhere in the country. Lynda Mapes reports. (Seattle Times)

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  1. you can’t blame Victoria BC for this…

    • I have no idea why I would. Seattle has a state of the art sewage treatment plant, and has for 25 years. This catastrophic event puts us 25 years behind over night. So we join you in Victoria with your inability to catch up to the modern world of pollution control. Hope you like your salmon and crab raised in a farm, because your attitude is clearly pushing your food sources to laboratory outputs.

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