Ballast Water Bill Could Allow Invasive Species to enter Puget Sound – Watching Our Waterways

The first of a likely long list of outrages by the Trump Regime. Want to do something? Call the legislatures in Congress and demand this not happen.

Invasive species from San Francisco Bay — known as the most infested waterway in the country — would have an open door for entry into Puget Sound under a bill moving through Congress… If VIDA [Vessel Incidental Discharge Act]  passes, ships coming up the coast from California will be able to take on infested ballast water in San Francisco Bay and discharge it without treatment into Puget Sound. Invasive species that hitched a ride in the ballast water would have a chance to populate Puget Sound. Chris Dunagan reports. (Watching Our Water Ways)

Ballast water bill could allow invasive species to enter Puget Sound 

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