Harvesting Under The Stars: A Night In The Life Of A Shellfish Farmer – KNKX

An  8 minute radio piece on night harvest of shellfish at Totten Inlet.While it’s a nice story on the workers that harvest our oysters,  the reporter avoided discussing the issues that have been causing a citizen activist organization to be suing to stop the growth of the industry in this very inlet. If you were looking for any of the controversy on Totten Inlet, you won’t find it in this piece. You could also check out the following story on more background.


Almost every night in the winter, there are hundreds of farmers at work along the Washington coast. The lights of their head lamps are just barely visible on the shoreline. They are shellfish farmers out harvesting clams, oysters, and geoducks. They are up at such late hours because of the tide. That’s when it’s lowest during the winter months. Allie Ferguson reports. (KNKX)


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