Study: Most clammers stick to single beach – Kitsap Sun

While this isn’t really a surprise to many of us, it is interesting to finally see the data collected on clamming and the people that clam.

Close down a clammer’s favorite beach, you’re likely closing down the clammer. A new study looking at the behavior of Puget Sound’s recreational shellfish harvesters indicates that the increasingly frequent pollution and marine biotoxin closures are having a bigger impact on clammers than previously thought. About two-thirds of the sound’s shellfish harvesters say they gather all their clams and oysters from a single beach, according to surveys administered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If a “Toxic Shellfish” sign pops up at a favorite spot, most harvesters simply quit. They don’t seek out alternatives. Tristan Baurick reports. (Kitsap Sun)

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