King tide possible wave of the future, according to group – PDN

Regardless of what the new President thinks about global warming, the planet will do what it does in reaction to fossil fuel chemistry. He can ignore it all he wants, at our peril. Here’s the latest update from the front. Higher high tides.

Naturally occurring king tides, which are unusually high tides, can be a harbinger of normal tides to come, said a member of Washington Sea Grant. On Friday morning, nearly 70 community members gathered at the Salmon Club boat ramp in Port Townsend to eat snacks and observe the high tide, which reached nearly 10 feet, the highest of the year so far. Bridget Trosin, the coastal policy specialist for Seattle-based Washington Sea Grant, was on hand to explain what causes the king tide and to say these tides show the future for coastal towns. Cydney McFarland reports. (Peninsula Daily News)

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  1. Very timely subject! According to “” we can expect an early Christmas present of a 15 foot King tide on Dec 15, 2016 – Wauna, head of Henderson Bay. Usually covers the parking lot of the Purdy Business district, sending petroleum, etc residue into Burley Lagoon! Cameras ready!

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