Why the risk of the ‘Big One’ in B.C. is heightened every 14 months – CBC

This is a very good reminder to get your earthquake preparedness kit together and keep it up to date. Notice that the chart shows quakes running right through our area. Directly underfoot.

Roughly every 14 months, for about a two week period, seismologist Alison Bird won’t park underground. That’s because she knows the chances are higher of a big earthquake striking. Almost like clockwork, thousands of tiny tremors rumble unfelt across the Pacific Northwest indicating a ‘slow-slip’ event is taking place.   Bird, an earthquake seismologist for the Geological Survey of Canada, says it’s something scientists discovered at the office in Victoria when they noticed an unusual pattern on seismograms. “Every 14 months or so there’s a sudden reversal of movement [of Vancouver island] for a couple of weeks,” she said Johanna Wagstaffe reports. (CBC)


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