A pipeline next door: Canadian project means 34 tankers a month in our waters – Seattle PI.com

Joel’s take on the upcoming pipeline through Vancouver. When he goes “one step beyond” and blames the “radical/huckster wing of the local environmental movement” he is just losing me. As if he is the personal guardian angel of the environmental movement because he has column on a web site that is not read much anymore. Joel, give me a call and come up to PT for an afternoon beer on the beach here at our favorite watering hole.  You can join a couple of your old friends from the PI and Times, and a few other folks that you know. The first drink is on me. You need to chill out.

…. Nobody in public office, and certainly nobody in the radical/huckster wing of the local environmental movement, has begun developing a response to  the pipeline next door. It’s coming. The Canadian federal cabinet, on or before December 19th, is likely to approve a tripling of the TransMountain Pipeline, which carries oil from Edmonton, Alberta, to Burnaby just east of Vancouver. The completed pipeline would have a capacity to 890,000 barrels, more than the Keystone XL pipeline.  The bitumen oil, from Alberta’s mammoth tar sands project, would be bound for export to Asia.  Joel Connelly reports. (SeattlePI.Com)


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