Youth Activists Demand Tougher Limits On Climate Pollution – KNKX

The first news we’ve posted from the new KNKX (formerly KPLU!). So happy that they were able to stay independent. I’ve stopped all donations to KUOW this year to protest their underhanded way of attempting to buy out the competition, and their endless repetitive news stories. As to this news, all I can say is, “Go Kids! Don’t Stop! It’s your future.”

The Washington kids who filed suit against the state Department of Ecology to get tougher limits on carbon pollution say current policies don’t go far enough. Together with their backers, they’ve unveiled more aggressive legislation they say would protect their constitutional right to clean air.  In April, a King County Superior Court judge ordered the state Department of Ecology to issue an emissions reduction rule by the end of the year and to consult with the young plaintiffs about the latest science before making recommendations to the legislature in 2017.  This was after eight youngsters filed suit in cooperation with the national group, Our Children’s Trust, which has brought similar cases across the country. Bellamy Pailthorp reports. (KNKX)

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