Cyber Hack Shuts Down Hunting, Fishing License Sales In 3 Northwest States -KPLU

What is disturbing about this is that you have to give detailed information to the state to get licenses, including phone numbers, birth dates and social security numbers. Why this information is needed by the state for such a simple license is unknown. And the fact that they can’t even protect our data from attack after getting it should be grounds for a lawsuit. I would bet, if we were able to know, that this database was not encrypted, had not been updated and had a simple password like “administrator” for the password. Is there a decent law firm out there, that can start suing the state to demand adequate protection of our information?

Online fishing and hunting license sales have now been suspended in Washington, Oregon and Idaho following a hacking incident. A Washington state official says some 7 million records across the three states were compromised, but the information was not terribly sensitive. The hack involves a third-party vendor called Active Network Outdoors which calls itself the leading provider of licensing systems to the states. The company has not responded to multiple requests for comment. But Michael Cockrill, Washington’s Chief Information Officer, said the company is cooperating with an investigation that includes the FBI. Cockrill said the information that was compromised includes what you’d find on your driver’s license — but not full social security or credit card numbers — suggesting the hacker may have just been showing off. Austin Jenkins reports. (KPLU)

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