DNC Hack More Extensive Than Thought – NY Times

A sideline from environmental issues. Folks, as someone who has managed computer networks with thousands of users, let me take this moment to tell you that this is all too common a story. If you are not using password programs like 1Password and others, you are leaving yourself at risk. Using simple to remember passwords is going to leave you very vulnerable. I know people who have had their life savings wiped out by bad guys. it’s rare but does happen.  If you can use what’s called Two Factor Authentication, you are helping to keep the bad guys out of your accounts and let them attack those without it. Nothing is foolproof but this is way better than simple passwords.

For Apple Users.


For Windows 10 Users


If you aren’t using Windows 10 or Apple’s latest operating system, you should be. They have done extensive work to put in two factor authentication into both operating systems. Windows 7 is now no longer being supported by Microsoft because it’s too old. They have produced two new versions since then. they include a system that can do facial recognition to go along with passwords, and my ipad and iphone use my fingerprints just fine.

Reward them for the efforts by getting their upgrades. Is it more of a hassle? Sometimes. But we have been fighting this problem for over 15 years, and the answers are here. Time to use them!

If you need help with security in your home computers or business, feel free to get me involved, and I’ll help you out. I do not chrage individuals for basic work. if you have a business I work on a sliding scale. I’m not trying  to get more work, but I think I have something to offer if it’s important to you. I’ll just say that I do have the knowledge to help folks that need it. I can easily do a basic vulnerability assessment to help you figure out next steps. There are folks out there that do much more indepth ones, depending on need.

 The following article was very likely avoidable.

Enough said..

 A hundred of party officials’ personal accounts may have been breached, along with the Democratic Governors Association’s. [NYT]

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